Surety Associates of Southern California (SASC) is a licensed surety insurance agency located in San Diego, California. With 25 plus years of experience and knowledge in surety bonding, we have been servicing the greater San Diego area and beyond with your business surety needs.

We know you have a business to run and grow. In order to get your business to the next level you need to partner with a surety company that has the same goals for your business as you do. We will lead you through this process, helping you to present your skills and capabilities to the surety, and guide you through the process to partner with a surety that believes in you and will help you execute your business plan.

We are experts in:
 - Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds for contractors
 - Subdivision Improvement Bonds
 - Court Bonds
 - License and Permit and Miscellaneous Bonds

Call us today to speak with our professional surety insurance agents so we can start providing you with the keys to success for your company's bonding needs.

License/Application Fee No.
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Need a Contractor License Bond?
  • Best Price Less Than $100/Yr.
  • Payment Plans: $ 50 or $90/mo.
    w/ 2 mo. down payment.
  • NO Paperwork!
  • Personalized CLB verification card.



CA LICENSE # 0G87195
AZ LICENSE # 965774
HI LICENSE # 377714
NV LICENSE # 706371
PA # 580194
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