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Your ability to bond sets you apart from your competition …

Demonstrates you are pre-qualified by one of our superior Surety Underwriter Partners.

Confirms that your company is credible and has been extended credit.

Identifies your company as being prepared and experienced and ready to perform.

Verifies your company has a history of profitability; people gravitate to successful firms.

Bonding FAQS

Our services provide you with the ability to obtain bonding...

Bonds guarantee to an owner, general contractor, or a developer (whomever you are doing work for) that you will complete the work according to the contract and pay all your bills. On local public works projects, by most statutes, any contract over $25,000 requires at least a payment bond and in most cases performance and payment bonds.

Certain general contractors require bonds of their subs as well, and the threshold for when they require the bond varies by general contractor.

  • Whom do I call to get bonded?
  • It is recommended that you call a professional surety bond agent who is skilled in assisting you with the information that you will need to provide to the bonding companies.

  • What information do I need to provide?
  • Your agent will provide you with forms for you to complete that will demonstrate your company’s abilities, financial position, and character as they will relate to your bonding needs. A partial itemization of that information is business and personal financial statement, a questionnaire about your business, a work on hand schedule and verification of bank accounts.



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Surety Submission Preparation


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